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Best Smart Video Doorbell 2019 | Smart TCP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

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Hi, we are introducing the TCP Wi-Fi smart video doorbell. With this smart doorbell, you’ll never miss a visitor or delivery again as it lives streams directly to your phone or tablet.

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It is able to record or take a photo anytime day or night and unlike other brands, there is no monthly subscription. You can also talk directly to the person at your door as it features two-way audio and also a noise-canceling microphone so you can hear the person clearly.


Features of  TCP Wi-Fi smart video doorbell:

The camera has 720p HD video and includes an 8-gigabyte micro SD card already also comes with two rechargeable batteries so it’s ready to go. It includes motion sensors with a range of 6 meters and 166-degree wide-angle lens that alerts you on your phone or tablet if it has detected any activity at your home even if no one has rung the bell. Even at night, the TCP doorbell has you covered with infrared night vision which automatically turns on in low light allowing you peace of mind 24/7.

Extra Features of  TCP Wi-Fi smart video doorbell:

Included with your smart doorbell is a separate plugin chime which comes with a range of 55 ring tones so you have plenty to choose from. To fit the rechargeable batteries push the back cover down to release and then using the screwdriver that is included take out the screw holding the battery cover in place. with the screw out remove the cover insert rechargeable batteries and replace the cover and the screw.

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How To Setup TCP Wi-Fi smart video doorbell:

To set up you just need to download the TCP app onto your phone from the App Store or Google Play and this allows you to connect to all your TCP products in one place. Now fit your doorbell to your door you can either use the screws provided to screw it into place. Just remove the cover and position the doorbell on the door with a clear view of the driveway. if you wish to wire it into your existing system then you can use the kit provided.

Now set up the doorbell on the TCP app. Open the TCP app and touch the plus symbol in the top right corner. Select black doorbell camera from the menu. Check the light on the front of the door bow is flashing and press the next step button on your phone. You will need to have access to 2.4 gigahertz on your Wi-Fi network for the doorbell to connect.connect to your Wi-Fi and enter your password then press ok.

When you continue to the next screen there will be a QR code hold the camera 15 to 20 centimeters in front of your mobile and when it connects you’ll hear a beep then press heard the beep button. when it reaches 100% it is ready to go.
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